"In saracia sentimentelor si gandurilor mele, cuvintele tineau loc de orice, erau forma lasitatii mele in fata realitatii celei adevarate, forma labartata de a fi a cuiva care nu e, care se face ca e, care-si cauta un inlocuitor, imaginea isterica a deficitului meu de viata."

miercuri, 23 ianuarie 2013

The betrayal knows her name.

It was one sunny day of September. They were two best friends, Anna and Helen walking in town, who endured a lot to keep their friendship alive.
They met one boy, who was skating with another one.
"Hey, I`m Seth", he said to Helen. "What`s your name?"
"Helen. And she is my best friend Anna."
After an unexpected formal talk, they parted ways - Anna and Helen continued their walk and let those two there. Helen liked him a bit. Besides his sweet look, he seemed to be so charming and easy to talk and told Anna these things. Though, Helen didn`t know what Anna thought about him. Helen only thought about herself and how to talk to him more, in a pretty selfish way.
But three moths passed.
During this time, Helen stayed single and Anna had two or three boyfriends. Of course, every boy liked her.  Helen didn`t care and tried not to be mean and gelous to her. She was her only best friend.
"I must trust her. I must trust her!" she often said to herself.
Helen dreamed to be with Seth, the strange charming skater from that time. She wanted this little thing the most, not knowing that Anna had him in her mind, too. It wasn`t like Anna was messing with every guy she wanted, she was not like that, but she was simply impressed by Seth and interested in him.
Somehow, one evening, Anna greeted Seth again. They talked a lot that time and she told almost all the conversation to Helen. She tried hard to keep a smile on her face and not to be upset, but she couldn`t. Anna was always talking about Seth, about a few coincidences and the more she spoke the more hurt was Helen.
At school, they weren`t talking the way they used to do. Anna was befriending one girl, because she was Seth`s friend, but not only. Helen was something like abandoned, and always felt like crying. She didnt`t know what to do because Anna planned meetings with Seth and with her that new friend, like she was completely determined to go out with Seth...
Helen didn`t know how to act around her anymore, so she avoided Anna. She couldn`t even tell her best friend how she was feeling and kept lying and hiding her anger and sadness. When the two of them were together, they tried to act normally, but when Anna didn`t look, Hellen had tears in her eyes. "But what if we both like him and Anna isn`t actually only bored?" Helen thought. She was let behind by her best friend, and that was the most painful feeling. Her mind was fulled of regrets and of a lot of promises. She still wanted Anna to be her best friend. She wanted to learn how to trust and how to forgive. She wished she had been more courageous and more beautiful. But that were things she couldn`t change.
She wanted to forget she even met that boy, Seth, for her. "OK,then how do I do that?" she asked herself, but there was no answer.
Something changed, and the two girls realized it too late. It was not only because of that boy, it was because they were to different to fully trust each other. A a friendship with no trust, is not a true friendship.

Friendship is not that simple: it actually is both a demanding and rewarding feeling. 

Nu ma intrebati de ce am scris in engleza, pur si simplu asa mi-a venit inspiratia. E o scurta poveste, doar din cauza ca ma plictiseam.

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