"In saracia sentimentelor si gandurilor mele, cuvintele tineau loc de orice, erau forma lasitatii mele in fata realitatii celei adevarate, forma labartata de a fi a cuiva care nu e, care se face ca e, care-si cauta un inlocuitor, imaginea isterica a deficitului meu de viata."

vineri, 11 octombrie 2013


I miss those days when you were right next to me.
 When I wasn't able to recognize that I loved you. 
When I wasn't able to realize that you wouldn't be near to me forever. 
The days when I said a lot of things I didn't mean and that happened because I couldn't let me be myself because of you. 
And then I turned into a liar because of you. 
I turned myself in the way I thought you would like. But you nerver did, anyways. 
I miss those days when you were right next to me. 
And now I search for you in everyone I meet. 
I search for your habits.
 I look for your mind.
 And I want your reckless talks and flirts. 

I can't help but to be in love with you. For five years. It was no one else. Never. Ever.

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