"In saracia sentimentelor si gandurilor mele, cuvintele tineau loc de orice, erau forma lasitatii mele in fata realitatii celei adevarate, forma labartata de a fi a cuiva care nu e, care se face ca e, care-si cauta un inlocuitor, imaginea isterica a deficitului meu de viata."

sâmbătă, 24 noiembrie 2012

I just don`t need you anymore.

Ceva superb, gasit pe Deviant Art.

You Left Me Stronger:

Hey  there, it's been awhile, do you remember me?
I guess you might not, since I wasn't very important to you.
You know, I spent so many days thinking about - what I did wrong
I questioned if maybe, I was at fault or if I was screwed up.
I thought a lot about the things you said...
The things that were my fault, my problems.
I took them to heart at first, but then I realised you were wrong.
I realised that you are selfish and ugly on the inside.
On the surface you pretended to care, but like a cancer;
You amputate someone the moment you think they've gone bad.
You hide from the rigourus of life and only emerge like a parasite
When everything is good - when everything is fine and dandy.
I used to think that I was afraid of you leaving,
But now I know, that you've left me stronger than I was before.
You know, this was supposed to be an emotional whine; an emotional spill,
Maybe I was supposed to cry tears and beg you to come back, but you know what
I just don't need you anymore.

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