"In saracia sentimentelor si gandurilor mele, cuvintele tineau loc de orice, erau forma lasitatii mele in fata realitatii celei adevarate, forma labartata de a fi a cuiva care nu e, care se face ca e, care-si cauta un inlocuitor, imaginea isterica a deficitului meu de viata."

luni, 3 decembrie 2012

Something stolen :")

1. What is your middle name? - Teodora
2. Are you wearing makeup? - A little.
3. What colour is your toothbrush? - Purple
4. Approximately how many posters are hung up in your room? - 25
5. What does your hair product smell like? - Shampoo?
6. Where would rather be right now? - In front of the Christmas tree.
7. What is the temperature outside? - 3 degrees.
8. Have you ever dyed your hair? If so what colour? - No.
9. What is the funniest word you know? - "pastarnac"
10. Name your favourite band starting with the letter 'M' - My Chemical Romance
11. What are you watching right now? - Hiiro no Kakera - Dai ni Shou
12. Describe your first icon using only verbs - ??
13. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought with your own money? - :-? Lipstick.
14. State your favourite letter of the alphabet - L
15. What is your favourite accent? - British. And Jap.
16. How did you celebrate the new year? - Hanging out with my friends.
17. What do you call a brown fizzy drink that usually comes in a can? - Coffee
18. Do you like fish? - Bitch, please :-j NO!
19. What is your most used tag? - Love.
20. Would you rather ask someone out or be asked out? - Be asked.
21. What is your favourite Olympic sport to watch? - None.
22. Have you ever dumped anyone? - No.
23. What do you want to be when you grow up? - Prosecutor.
24. Have you ever been to the United States? If so, where? - No
25. What instrument have you always wanted to play? - GUITAR :x
26. Describe your dream partner's eye colour - Lol, black.
27. What do you order at diners? - ....
28. Coffee or espressos? - Coffee.
29. What is the most annoying song on the radio at the moment? - "Cai verzi pe pereti"
30. How many contacts do you have on your phone? - Dunno
31. What type of music player do you own? - Mp3, mp4, phone
32. Describe your favourite painting - Omfg. Aahmm... :-? Anime guys. Sexy.
33. What was the best present you have ever received? - 5 years ago. A camera.
34. Spring or Fall? Why? - Both. After spring comes summer holidays, and after fall comes Christmas.
35. What was the last text you received? Who was it from? - Best friend "You kidding."
36. Would you ever paint your room pink? - NO.
37. What colour is your underwear? - Black.
38. Favourite perfume scent? - Fresh.
39. What celebrity do you think needs to drop off a cliff ? - Gerard Way.
40. Do blue eyes turn you on? - Yes
41. What meat do you prefer in a sandwich? - No meat.
42. Would you ever wear a sweater to school? - Yes
43. What is the name of your current ringtone? - It`s just me - Escape the Fate.
44. Glasses or contacts? - Contacts.
45. What shoes do you normally wear to school? - Converse.
46. Where is your nearest television? - Next to me.
47. What is your favourite vegetable? - Carrot!
48. When was the last time you drank milk? - Yesterday
49. What was your lowest grade in school? - 9.
50. Are you using Google chrome? - Nope.

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  1. În concluzie:ne asemănăm foarte tare!

  2. Daa, ÎN SFÂRŞIT cineva care nu foloseşte chrome :)) Nu mă mai simt singură :))
    Cred că iau şi eu leapşa asta :3

    1. :) >:D< Da, stiu si eu ca multa lume il foloseste. Da` ce are frate atat de special? Opera la putere :)))))


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